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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving 

De chimbley's smokin',
De roof is leakin' in,
But he don't seem to care

—Oscar Hammerstein II, "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man".

In the news: According to Strana.ru, US President George Bush finished off a "fruitless" visit to China by going to Mongolia and thanking the descendants of Genghis Khan. "The Mongolian armed forces are serving freedom, and US troops are proud to serve with such fearless troops, the true descendants of Genghis Khan".

In local news: The Halifax Daily News reports on a woman who was tasered by police.

The two officers who made the arrest, constables Mark Galloway and John Hope, were in the second day of their trial yesterday, facing two charges: assault and assault with a Taser against Silver.

Silver testified Tuesday she was “drilled” four times with a Taser while being held down in her cell.

From the rest of the story it seems Ms Silver was no doubt very difficult: "Three Crown witnesses, all employees of the police station, variously described Silver as belligerent, vulgar, abusive, feisty, swearing, cursing, agitated, and a 10 in aggressiveness, while being searched and booked." ("Feisty", indeed. I wish people would look the word up.)

But there was a case not too long ago of a man being tasered to death at the RCMP station in Digby. One story is here. I'm not an electrician, but 50,000 volts seems like a lot. Especially when the reasons for the arrest are sort of, uh ... understated? Or something:

Saulnier had been brought to the Victoria Street police office where he was placed under arrest because of a complaint was [sic] lodged against him. Taplin says police had enough evidence to justify the arrest.

But enough to light him up?? In both of these cases, is making a big scene and acting the goat really deserving of 50,000 volts? Would ten lashes not do?


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