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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not Quite at the Movies 

I was supposed to go to the new Harry Potter movie, but it was sold out. The place was jam-packed with children and people. There were also some people dressed as Harry Potter. (Idiot adults, by the way, not children.)

I saw the first installment but can't remember what the story was. What I do remember is that they played some magical flying game that didn't make any sense whatsoever. Also I saw the Lord of the Rings movie around the same time and got them confused. They both have magic stuff in them. I think I prefer movies that don't have any elves or anything like that.

So I went home and watched a bit of Lost. It's like The O.C. in that it makes no sense unless you've watched every scrap of it and have memorized each character's case history. What I saw were some people who were bickering with each other because they're lost on an island. Every so often one of them goes off and thinks about some irrelevant event that happened before they got lost.

According to Jerome A. Holst ©, who has a beard, the TV programme Lost is really about some people in an experiment. They only think they're on the island, whereas it's really, etc.

But there ought to be a show about some people who find that they must watch crappy TV shows. That would be the best show. Or what you could do is have the characters on Lost dream about how they used to be on The O.C. Then they could wake up and argue about it.

Too bad Bob Denver died. Otherwise they could have had him come staggering out of the forest on Lost looking for the Captain. Then they would all realize they were stuck on an episode of Gilligan's Island for all eternity. "NOOOOOOOOO!" they would howl.


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