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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some People Seem to Be On Fire In This Movie 

Of course all disaster movies are Purgatory movies. We see the various characters, each with his own private demons, assembling in the airplane or skyscraper of whatever. We're given a tour of this place of judgment. "It's very safe, designed by experts. Many safety features. Highly unlikely that a disaster or something could happen. Because that's just very unlikely, scientifically speaking."

Next, our characters prepare for their ordeal. Soon they will be assayed! Who will live? Who will die? the audience wonders. There will be a nasty guy, sort of negative and cynical, who will redeeem himself at the last moment by plunging headlong into the thing. "Save yourselves!" he'll scream. "Aaaaaghhhhhh!!" Then there will be some people who have had a touched of accidia lately—they'll soon realize how important life is!


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