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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things to Do 

Steal these comments

I read somewhere about people stealing each other's logos. That's pretty sad. Of all the crimes I can think of, that's right up there with unauthorized trash burning.

When I get bored at work I like to design logos. On a good afternoon I can come up with a couple dozen. The only problem is I don't own any companies or anything that could use them. So I'm just hoarding them for now.

It's fairly difficult designing a logo; much study and preparation are needed. What does the company stand for? What image does it want to project, and how far? What slice of the vast demography do we intend to strike with this projectile advertising? And, most importantly, what are our initials? I find that "E" and "O" are best. "Ü" is kind of awkward. Putting the letters on the sides of a cube is a good idea. Tilting one letter slightly is also a clever move. It shows the company is just a bit unconventional, even quirky and innovative.

After you've done that and find that there's still a few hours before sliders, what you can do is steal comments boxes from other people's weblogs. Supposing you have a weblog but the comments are dull or non-existent (vide infra). If you found some interesting comments on one of the big blogs, you could just copy them and put them on you own blog. That would be a lot easier than begging your friends to take time off of their oh-so-busy lives to come to your site and post comments.

Another thing you could do is go to a controversial blog, lie in wait until someone makes a particularly nasty comment, take a snap of the exchange, and then blackmail them later.

"All right. I've done that. Now what?" I hear you saying. Why not improve your Irish? It's a good waste of time. There are now over 2,000 articles in An Vicipéid, the Irish language version of Wikipedia. Bain triail as!


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