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Friday, December 09, 2005

Winter Reading 

I wonder if it is possible to predict with some certainty what a poet must sound like merely from reading his poems? It would seem to be a requisite. If you read Robert Frost, for instance, it's difficult to imagine anyone trying to read the poems other than as he read them on the various recordings that are available. What if someone read "I'm going to clear the pasture spring" in a sort of jolly fashion, as if the poem ought to end in something like: "And then we'll have a nice mug of cocoa!" That wouldn't do.

I recently heard a pretty l4m3 recording of some poems, put out, I assume, by a professional. One line in particular had me baffled: "Footprints! On. The sands of. Time?" A little too much of something that you can easily have too much of.


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