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Friday, January 13, 2006

A Three-Hour Tour 

According to Ian Johnston at News.scotsman.com (via comments at Alicublog), a new "hyperspace" engine might be in the works. Thanks to some sort of proposed new laws of physics people would be able to go into different dimensions and so on, thus allowing a quick jaunt to the other side of the universe.

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.


The US authorities' attention was attracted after Prof Hauser and an Austrian colleague, Walter Droscher, wrote a paper called "Guidelines for a space propulsion device based on Heim's quantum theory".

I keep hearing about stuff like this, usually from crazy people, but at the very least there might be a lot of fun to be had from this thing. Imagine having household articles such as overstuffed bookcases or large dining tables be able to disappear briefly. Think of the space you could save! Or perhaps you could disappear into another dimension if people were nagging you about something.


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