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Monday, February 27, 2006

Au Cinéma 

I saw a rather stark but funny movie called Heater (1999). If you look for a review of this movie you'll find umpteen in different places that say exactly the same thing: "On a crisp December morning, two homeless men join forces ... " etc. There's a bit more to it than that though. It's a little like Bicycle Thief mixed in with "The Overcoat" and set in Winnipeg.

Oh, well. The plot: they get hold of a stolen electric heater (with the sales slip) but, cold as it is out on the street, they've nowhere to plug it in, so they walk all the way out to the mall to get the refund. It works out as you might expect.

Both Gary Farmer (seen in Dead Man) and Stephen Ouimette are excellent in a minimal way. They both have a lot of presence and can be interesting just hanging around freezing in an alley or buying a coffee at Tim Horton's.

Amusing, harrowing, one of those.


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