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Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympics: Grossly Overrated 

A story from SI.com explains why the Olympics are no good:

"I find it infuriating that someone like Walter Mayer [Austrian ski coach who was banned by the IOC in 2002 for doping] shows up here," Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel said from Italy in an interview with state broadcaster ORF. "Dozens of Austrian athletes have been preparing for their whole lives to reach this summit, and then something like this happens."

When people spend a lifetime preparing for a handful of sporting events and other people propose, on top of that, taking drugs for that extra millisecond's edge, then it's just not much fun any more.

This concept of "fun" is misunderstood. When you're a kid engaged in some game with your chums, such as building a cool fort or something, the minute any helpful adult turns up with suggestions for "making it more realistic", the whole thing is completely ruined forever. Your game is become, as it were, insensate boredom. It almost comes to ressemble "work" in some horrible way. The reason for this is that adults are mainly squares who have forgotten how to play and wouldn't know a good toy from a piece of junk. For an example of this, just recall the scene in Big where Tom Hanks, a child in a man's body, working for a toy firm, criticises a new toy at a board meeting. While various execs talk about marketing, Hanks is getting frustrated as he inspects the product, and then says: "But what's it do? It doesn't do anything!" Or words to that effect.


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