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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


People talking about a remake of The Defiant Ones. What a dumb idea. The obvious move is to sitcom. Probably not have them actually be chained together but sharing an apartment and making ironic observations all the time.

Or what you could do is have them cross over to other series such as CSI or one of the Law & Orders. They could be the suspects that turn out not to be guilty each week.

Or what you could do is have it be three couples, chained together if you want, who spend all their time hanging out at the apartment of their other friend who is himself chained to his living-room sofa. They all have to keep visiting him because he can't go anywhere. You intercut scenes with shots of the city, somebody's house, Prospect Park. (It's much easier to shoot in Prospect Park because Central Park is booked throughout the week by the Law & Order crew.)


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