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Saturday, February 18, 2006

You're in the Situation Room! 

I think I heard Larry King say to some guest: "You used to be so different. But now you're the same. Why is that?"

I don't quite get why he has a TV show. He appears to be not very bright. Is there some special thing he knows how to do?

Jack Cafferty is another one. He just sits there grumbling about stuff, and then he reads viewers' e-mails, and that's pretty much the whole job. Wolf Blitzer, I can see, is putting in a good day's work there, yapping away like the neighbour's dog. Also he has come up with "The Situation Room", kind of official-sounding: "Where news comes from all around the world at the same time!" But how is that different from any newsroom? Even small radio stations subscribe to various wire services and get news at the same time. The only difference I can see is that there is nowhere to sit in "The Situation Room", and Blitzer has to wander around in front of video screens as if he were teleconferencing.

It's pretentious is what it is.


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