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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Ivan Groznyi Blogging 

I think this paragraph is interesting: A man keeps winning at the roulette table, so much so that the owners decide to have a little chat with him. So they march him out of the room and lock him a closet. Meanwhile, they shut down the table, remove the dealer and put him in another room. They start shouting at their dealer to find out if he is in cahoots with the player, who is cooling his jets in the other room. At the same time, they have a technician dismantle and inspect the roulette table to see if it has been tampered with. He finds nothing. The dealer has admitted nothing and is indignant and alarmed. Besides, he's a known guy, grew up in town, his mother used to be a hostess in another joint. She was a lot of fun back in the day. Next they go to work on the player. They can't beat up on him just yet, but they search him for devices, though hardly knowing what those might be, and interrogate him rigourously, mostly personal questions which become marginally more friendly as they become more puzzled by this unusual cheater and more interested in discovering just who the heck he is. They are for now satisfied that no physical tampering has taken place, nor can their man find anything untoward on the surveillance tapes. Is there any way to connect him to the dealer? On the face of it, no. He's from out of town, and knows nothing about electronics or anything. He's a paralegal who lives out in the suburbs, a civilian. They ask their friend, a crooked cop, to look him up. He reports that he got nothin, and the man's driver's licence is clean.

What happens next?


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