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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time Says ... 

"Multitasking"—good or bad, blah blah blah. "Nor is electronic multitasking entirely new: We've been driving while listening to car radios since they became popular in the 1930s."

I don't think listening to the radio or any of the other things they mention can properly be called a "task". The word "multitasking" always makes me think of someone who is doing several things really badly. I mean, you can't even shave and brush your teeth at the same time and I think you would be ill-advised to try it. And yet shaving and brushing your teeth are fairly undemanding tasks.

Sometimes I feel that watching TV is a waste of time, so I've tried to combine it with something a bit more productive, such as reading. And what happens? Everything gets mixed up and I lose the thread of the finely-constructed movie about some homocidal maniac that I'm watching.


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Watching TV is a good way to tear yourself away from the computer.