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Saturday, April 22, 2006

GULag: Sometimes Necessary, Says Noted Bolvan 

People talk about this business of publishing somebody's e-mail address or phone number on a weblog. Here's a bit of discussion at Sadly, No!.

The only reason you would do it is to cause people trouble by inviting everyone to pile on and bug them at home. There can't be any other reason. So, in short, it's a bid to shut them up. They said or did something? They'll be punished.

It's different in the case of an organization that acts out in public. People can go and complain if they have a "contact us" billabong. But actual human beings in their homes ought to be left alone. All Michelle Malkin did was to encourage her readers to stalk her idealogical enemies. If she had any sense, what she would do is come up with well-argued and well-written notices showing why her opponents were wrong. She would subject them to muscular crticism, scouting their beliefs and trashing their shite. But instead, since she is not smart (in fact a stupid woman who spends a lot of time trying to convince everyone that it's okay to put targeted ethnics in prison camps), she just relied on the mob to intimidate them. And her phone number is ... but I don't like talking to silly people.


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