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Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Spelt المصري ! 

A while ago The Times related the story of a German citizen who got into some trouble:

Mr Masri, a father of five and of Lebanese origin, was detained in Macedonia on New Year’s Eve 2003 on suspicion of having a false passport and because his name sounded like that of an al-Qaeda suspect.

Then he was shipped off to Afghanistan in order to be kept in a hole in the ground. But it all ended out okay.

The CIA is said to have concluded by March that his passport was genuine and that it had the wrong man. It decided to release him, but he was held for two more months before being flown to Albania and dumped in a wood.

Well, his name sounded familiar. Here's an interview from The Jordan Times with Mr Khalid Masri, who is, of course, media officer at Jordan's RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature). Oops! Oh, no, different guy, same name.

He was actually busy, anyway, making the scene: Here's a bit of gossip:

Downtown Beirut's Starlet hosted a fashion party on Thursday evening, the first ever in Lebanon, according to Ali Hafal. The evening of style showcased the works of 12 designers - including those of Khalid Masri, Chadi Nahle, Nadwa al-Awar, Ghada Njeim, Paul Khoury and Tony Yaacoub - draped around the physiques of 14 models, representing Georgio's. A great time was had by all.

He's a man of letters, too, author of a work about the writer Gha'ib Tu'ma Farman (Gha'ib Tu'ma Farman. Damascus: Dar al-Mada, 1997). He gets around.


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