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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Couldn't Find a Picture for This 

After reading "Blogs Suck and I Hate Them", by Thersites, I was reflecting on what little real effect the web has had on how scholarship is pursued and wanted to find a picture of an antique typewriter somewhere, just to make some kind of point. Eventually I found one at Early Office Museum. There are some more pictures and a bit of info if you'd care to visit.

Not a lot, to be honest. And visually it's the most poorly designed page I've seen in a while. Given the state of the html bag of tricks, I doubt you could produce something that said "I don't care what this looks like" quite so eloquently. It's worth a look just for that.

Oh yes. At the bottom of the page there is this friendly reminder, among others: ALL material on this website is protected by Copyright, and none may be used without written permission. So I immediately copied the page in its entirety, put my own name at the top, and sold it to a publisher for a good sum. Then I told my friends to go and hack their rotten little site and wreck everything, replacing all images with pictures of roadkill and secreting troublesome javascripts that tend to freeze visitors' computers and distribute their isps to countless spam merchants across the world. Just to show them the error of being so mouldy.


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