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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Severall Things 

An interesting book:

A review of the Councell of Trent :
Wherein are contained the severall nullities of it: with the many grievances and prejudices done by it to Christian kings and princes:
as also to all Catholique churches in the world; and more particularly to the Gallicane Church ;
first writ in French by a learned Roman-Catholique ; now translated into English by G. L.

People used to write interesting books under the impression that others would read them and be improved, a charming belief. Here's one by William Enfield: Scientific amusements in philosophy and mathematics : including arithmetic, acoustics, electricity, magnetism, optics, pneumatics : together with amusing secrets in various branches of science, the whole calculated to form an agreeable and improving exercise for the mind (London: A. K. Newman, 1821).


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