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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There Is No Plot 

On TV: Matrix Somethingorother It looks good but I can see that it's not going to make sense. The characters are explaining the story to each other as they go along, which usually means none of it hangs together. Sunglasses and weapons eveywhere. Everyone's got pistols and automatics, but no one's using a simple shotgun because, if you think about it, that would give him an unfair advantage. In fact, shotguns were pretty much designed for bringing down gravity-defying kung fu guys. Well, to be precise, the people aren't really defying gravity so much as taking liberties with it. Now some guys in a control room are watching scrolling green drivel on their screens and reporting the drivel on their headsets. Multiple Agent Smiths! I think Agent Smith and the Oracle are the best parts of these Matrices. Hugo Weaving had a good line in the first one: "Some of my colleagues think I'm 'wasting my time' talking to you." I also liked the fact that the Oracle lives in a plain old apartment with a fridge that has fridge magnets. Now the crew of the heroes' vessel are concerned about finding another vehicle. It seems to be okay though. Now a feudal Japanese warlord is quizzing some underling on the loading dock. Now the main group is looking at some blueprints. Actual blueprints spread out on a table. Don't they have PowerPoint in the future?

The most disappointing thing about the future is there apparently still won't be any magic way of mending your sweater. But probably there will still be science fiction in the future. Or will people get tired of it and say, "We live in the damn future! Give us something exciting for a change"?


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