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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thou Shalt Have No Other Blogs Before Me 

I used to wonder about this serious bore Stephen Den Beste. He wrote extemely long things about everything, the gist of which could be summed up as "I don't know what I'm talking about". Amazing that anyone would need so much space for this admittedly noble project, yet still more amazing that anyone read it. I myself kept thinking there was some sort of trick to it and that if I paid close enough attention there would be some payoff in the form of coded information about something.

Every so often he would become truly prolix on the topics of cell phones and Japanese cartoons. It's hard to say which were more boring, the informed rants or the misinformed rants. Probably a matter of taste.

Eventually, like a bunch of other war bloggers, he gave up directing the fighting in Iraq just when it started to get interesting. He wanted to spend more time with his fantasy friends and get down to the really serious business of discussing anime non-stop. I used to think anime was for children, but from Den Beste I learned that it can also be for adults who belong in Coney Hatch.

But recently he was mentioned at Sadly, No!, and this is the interesting bit: if you visit and then click on the link there to Den Best, you get this page, which says:

(Readers of the site you came from are not welcome here.)

Is that crazy? Or is that crazy?


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