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Friday, June 30, 2006


There are some strange things in the amusement park. In fact, the worst horrors of human life probably have something to do with people trying to amuse themselves. A post at Codename V alludes to one such. There is a link in the post to a picture of a—well, a doll. This object, intended as a collectible mockup of a newborn human infant, is described as being "artfully jointed". They mean that the joints are well-made, probably, but the idea of this homunculus as the result of great artifice and cunning is rather unpleasant. What, uh, what other artfull features are concealed about the doll's person? I think the horror would only be surpassed if the "doll" turned out to have a third pair of limbs growing out of its tiny torso, making it look a bit like a hinsect.


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