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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fun with Vermin 

The interesting thing about Mickey Mouse is that someone correctly thought he would be appealing, even though he is a monstrous rodent, measuring some four feet in length. Imagine the horror if you were confronted by vermin of that order. Fleas almost half an inch long, popping all over the place. Ugh, enough.

Of course, like all the Disney characters, Mickey is not really a mouse, but a member of a clan that takes the mouse as its totem. That explains the Goofy-Pluto anomaly: Pluto is an actual dog, while Goofy is merely of the Dog clan. I suppose if Mickey Mouse were to have some mice problems at home, he would have to consult the elders about what to do. Certainly he couldn't just—you know—

You can get into a lot of trouble with Mickey Mouse if you're not careful.


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