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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Creepy Dolls 

Codename V once again alerts us to the ghouls who are in the business of making artificial amusement humanoids, child division. This batch are “Soul Kidz”, meant to be African-American tykes from “a simpler time”; as V points out, a pretty bad time. What struck me was: “Handcrafted in our revolutionary GentleTouch™ vinyl [Brrrrr!!], ‘Nathan’ is so real you expect him to extend a gentlemanly hand to shake.”

Actually, I sort of expect him to be at room temperature and showing some signs of rigor as we wait for CSI to show up.

I really prefer dolls not to do anything, thanks. I'm not afraid of them or anything. My feelings in the matter are informed by having seen a certain “Twilight Zone” episode as a kid.


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