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Saturday, July 22, 2006

In the Neighbourhood 

The other day I saw a four-year-old kid lean out of a parked car and shout "Paki" at a complete stranger. I think what's happened is he's had instruction in everything he'll need to know about other people but hasn't yet learned when it is appropriate to bawl out insults. Kind of cute to see one of them just taking their first steps, here a tad over-eager, there just missing the mark. That will all come with experience of course.

I've seen the kid's mother. Busy busy busy. She parks her car on the sidewalk, no time to drive into the alley. When she's getting out of her car, she likes to clear out the day's Tim Horton's containers and sow the earth with them. Some of them fall on stony ground, where the neighbours find them and put them in the trash. But other fall on good ground and take root, etc.

I wonder what sort of job she has. Maybe it's something really noble and important, making everyone's lives that much easier. Or maybe she just fucks things up there as well, I've no idea.


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