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Monday, July 10, 2006

No Romp 

The income from his advertisement tattoos having waned considerably, Glibert now pinned all his hopes on a romp ...

"This winner of the [Toronto] Fringe New Play Award is a romp through the Italy of .... Ev Ehrlich's fictional commentary is a romp through the inner workings of ... ... is among other things, a romp through literary iconography ... A romp through history and through Europe looking for a treasure ... takes the form of a romp through Manhattan, ... A romp through the late 19th century ... debut novel that takes us on a romp through California's past and present, ..."

I think all this romping must stop. The racket alone is a nuisance.

"Romp" is sometimes explained as "frolic", which is almost as bad.

Nobody has ever written a successful novel with the word "romp" in the title.


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