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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Truth is Right Here 

...it hovered for a moment, then...

I have to laugh at people who remain stubbornly unaware of the "plan", shall we say, to keep certain events hidden from the public. For the moment, any talk of visitors to this planet has to be discredited with mumbo jumbo about swamp gas and weather balloons, and people just accept it and go about their business. You would almost think they like being deceived. Well, may I say "Ha-Ha, you fools"? I guess I can. But I only say that in the privacy of my room, or to trusted people that I meet in cafés.

However, the other day I noticed that Multi Medium has inadvertently (???) let the cat out of the adage, and an important clue has found its way among some innocent photographs. Have a close look at "Orange Wall with Thingy". Yes, you're right: the small panel does look familiar, doesn't it?

Now look at this picture of the evening sky over Epping Forest, taken in 1981.



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