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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Write Me in Duluth 

Lots of people marry because they value a partner who will complement them in some way. They see that the other person can do things that they can't, and vice versa. For example, supposing you're the kind of guy who cringes every time the phone rings, and puts the receiver to his head with a trembling hand, as if it were the muzzle of a loaded pistol? And then you meet some woman who positively enjoys talking on the phone, so you think: I should marry this woman, because that way she could answer the phone while I am busy with my calligraphy. That's as reasonable a basis for marriage as any that I can think of.

But it could lead to some problems. What if she expects to be able to phone you? For no reason at all!? You could actually be worse off.

What you have to do is find someone who likes talking on the phone so much that she has no time to phone you. Or even talk to you, for that matter.


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