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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And Then Frank Fell into a Comma 

“Hey, what's up? What's the good word?”

«Just trying out these new quotation marks. I got them from that new place .... do they make me look European?»

“Let's have a look. Yeah, I guess.”

«Whoops! They'll take a little getting used to. I don't know how people talk in these things.»

“You seem to be doing okay. Hey, Bob! Come and have a look at Frank's European quotation marks.”

«Well, I haven't had much practice yet. You know. I probably won't be able to say anything interesting for a while, but ...»

Frank looked at the other two wearily.

—Of course,—he said—in my day all the phonies used to talk without using quotation marks at all.


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