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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Real Estate 

They were talking away and I thought I had better take a few notes. Who knows what point they might be making, and it would be a pity to miss something.

As it happens, the key problem of our new office was the focus of this, the rococco fountain part of our informal meeting.

“And a door giving access both to the accounting department and the passage which conceals entry into the open area”, explained someone.

I think the idea of a trap door has been strangely neglected. I don't mean for falling through, but for disappearing into. You could climb up onto a filing cabinet and pop open a trapdoor secreted in the ceiling, and then you'd be able to move through the building more efficiently. That's never going to happen, although our plan does call for some ambiguous space that no one will talk about. I've heard they're thinking of a banach space near the staff elevators, but the expense is brutal.

Whose office would go where? That was the query of the week. Who would be the new bishop? It was known that Simon had had his eye on the lean-to near the photocopier. He had a loud, nasal voice like a French cartoon villain, so it seemed his claim was secure. Yet other prime modules were certainly up for grabs.

I made a detailed floor plan and called it quits for the day.


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