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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Men ran all over the pitch like ants in hot weather, pursuing the ball, taking it at their feet, losing it to an opponent. Two drifted towards each other as a mist had partially hidden the area near the centre line where the ball had been in play last.

Frank glimpsed the shadow of the other man near him.

“Otto! I had no idea you were playing for Cvicenius! I thought—”

“No,” replied the other, “I'm playing for myself now. I found that there was no path for a true player within the team. I could go no further. Of course, the team is not to be rejected; rather it is something to be worked through and overcome.”

“That's odd. I mean, teamwork was one of our strong points. A good passing game can make up for a lot of weaknesses.”

“True, Frank, but do you see what you have just said? 'Make up for' doesn't sound like a completely positive thing, does it?”

“No, I suppose not, Otto.”

“And you agree that a weakness is something to be overcome, as we said?”


“Then it must follow a lot of weaknesses are to be discarded, not, surely, mitigated. And that's why my game has improved. Then I was third-rate at my best. Now I am a star, though with no team. I score goals for myself. No team wins because of me, but neither do they lose. I alone win, for myself, and for the game in its purest form.”

And soon Frank lost sight of his old teammate. Goal!


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