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Friday, September 15, 2006

Break Time 

Pope Benedict was at the coffee shop the other day.

“Oh yeah? Well, fuck you, buddy,” he was saying as I came in.

“Ha, ha, you're a pisser, Your Holiness!” the man behind the counter said. “Will you have your usual cappuccino senza sapore?”

“What d'you think, you goddam moron?” said the Pope. “Hey, what are you doing? That's how you make a cappuccino? Look at this guy, look at this fuckin moron. I never seen a guy so clumsy with the machine, you're all fuckin thumbs and pimples, you pizza-faced fuck. Jesus died for your sins, and just wait til he finds out what an incompetent piece of dogshit you are. What ever happened to the fat chick that was here before, get her back in here, she was dumber than dirt but at least she could make a coffee.”

He's a swell guy, the Pope. But you have to know him.


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