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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grimms schönste Märchen 

A while ago I was looking through an edition of Grimm's tales and marvelling over their psychopathic violence. “And so they dismembered him and fed him to the pigs and lived happily ever after”, etc., and I thought: Silesians, man. They creep me out. But upon reflection I think that Grimm talked exclusively to creepy people when gathering his material, because creepy people are only too eager to share their creepy views while normal people keep their normality to themselves. Try this experiment sometime: walk down the street and wait for someone to start talking to you. Most likely that person is a nut. Why is that? I think it's because a principle part of certain mental disorders is inflicting the craziness on other people. I see guys like that all the time in coffee shops, sitting there, looking around and trying to catch people's eye, as if to say: “I really must share this with you, this thing about Satan living in my closet, wait til you hear.” Ah, another time, perhaps.


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