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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm a Little Man, I'm a Little Man, He's... 

“A rollicking tale of those larger-than-life characters who...” I read on the back of a new novel. Well, that's all well and good. Myself, I get tired of looking at anything that's bigger than life-size for very long, a kind of collossal boredom. But everything has to be huger than it is now.

And yet how would it be if architects made blueprints that were life-size or bigger? Or if they were to prepare a model of their proposed building that was three times as big as the thing to be built? Then their clients might get lost inside the model, wandering around, angry and thirsty. So I think people need to start writing about the HO scale (1:87) characters who are the true prima mobilia of anything that's going on today.


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