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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mystery Ad 

I didn't know what this ad was for at first: two people go to the opera, very happy. Then the word “CIALIS” in big letters. Another ad, same argument, a middle-aged couple, getting into a cab without bickering at each other because they're extraordinarily okay. Their secret? Tumescence, what else? Don't worry about all the other blather, it's just blather.

It's a good campaign, as far as it goes, but I would suggest that you could do better. For one thing, the couples in the ads are fairly well-dressed and can afford cabs and opera tickets, and neither of them seems to have a mental illness which cannot be allayed by rigorous bouts of sex. But imagine how much more effective the ads would be if you were to show the couple all ragged and living in an unheated hovel. The wife is shown bent over her sewing machine late at night because she has to alter other people's clothes for pocket money, and in comes the husband, almost unable to stand up straight. He tries to lie down on the couch but misses and crashes into the coffee table, smashing it. But it doesn't matter. They shoot each other a knowing smile: “CIALIS”.


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