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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea Bla Bla 

What are your thoughts on US national security “now that the North has the bomb”?

There are all these arguments back and forth: do they really have a bomb? How good is it? What does it mean? How dangerous is that? Whose fault is it? What now?

My thought is that anyone who has been thinking actual thoughts would understand that everyone has had “the bomb” since WWII. Only an unlucky few got to have one dropped on them of course. But despite what people seem to think, no technology is all that big of an intellectual challenge, it's just a lot of tinkering. Expensive tinkering, to be sure. Anyone who has opposable thumbs and is willing to spend money can build anything that any other tribe has, but from the way these people carry one, you'd think that monkeys had somehow learned to manipulate the stock market last week. Anyway, if you want to be serious about “security”, you just have to assume that other people can kill you as handily as you can kill you.


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