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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pull Yourself Together, Sir 

Mark Steyn used to be funny writing about famous divas he had met. You can find some of his greatest hits here and here. Oh, right, I should hunt up the links and put them in square brackets and so on. Maybe next weekend, after I mend some of the fences on my ant farm.

But now, apparently, he gets to go and nag the president of the US about not killing enough people:

“The American people were solidly behind this when you went in and you toppled the Taliban, when you go in and you topple Saddam,” columnist Mark Steyn said to the president. “But when it just seems to be a kind of thankless, semi-colonial, policing, defensive operation, with no end — I mean, where is the offense in this?”

What's all that about? If you read the article, you'll see that he was actually in the same room with Mr Bush with a group of journalists being all frustrated with the president's lagging war performance. He was actually talking to the man himself, maybe jabbing him in the chest with a pudgy index finger. C'mon, kid. We want to see way more blood. At least topple something.

...And then you show Steyn and Bush smiling at each other and, in big, throbbing letters, the word “CIALIS”.

I notice that CIALIS (Tadadafadfifopil) is only good for 36 hours. A resourceful man could do a lot of damage in that time, of course, and it's no doubt an improvement on ALCOHOL (Alcohol), but you can see the problem: when you come off the high, you probably turn into a big softie, curled up on the couch and sobbing quietly as you listen to Leonard Cohen in the dark. Faugh.


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