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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Prison Break 

Here's an exciting new thrilling show about two brothers who are continually breaking out of prison in order to find the witness who will prove their innocence. Now they're escaping through a warehouse as cops follow them, stupidly. Duh! the cops say. The cops can't run very fast and have to keep stopping to remember what they're doing.

Now the two are in a prison van stopped in a tunnel. But not for long! They leap from the van and away with them into a service tunnel, which gives onto an expanse of tunnels and doors. They run masterfully. Another man is running also in some other part of the system. Sometimes he appears to be going the wrong way. He holds his gun up. Then he stops, and then sets off running again. For their part, the two brothers are still running and selecting various passages to run through. Let's check back with the cop. Oh, good: he's running. Not to be outdone, the brothers are charging along like champion underground tunnel runners. The cop is running. I guess he would be chasing them, in his corrupt cop way. But the brothers are running and running. Just look at them run! Exactly like innocent men jailed through no fault of their own. That's how I would run, if I were innocent!



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