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Monday, November 13, 2006

TV Time 

An exciting sequence from the end of Red Dragon (2002):

“Whew! Well, that was a close all. Good thing we arrived in time.”

“Yes, I was worried. The murderer almost had us there.”

“But now he's dead, or at least blown up and burnt to death in that house. As far as we know.”

“Er. Yes. Well. Be seeing you.”

“Right. I'll just hang out with my useless wife and child in my secluded house and go through my notes, taking a rest after hunting down the murderer.”

“Do that thing. Meanwhile, I'll go hang around the police office in case the pathologist phones later to confirm that the DNA proves that the dead guy was, you know, the real guy.”

“No doubt that will happen. But I won't be anywhere near my phone, in case you have to phone me. We'll be somewhat out of touch, hard to get hold of, and so on, now that the insane series of murders has been solved to everyone's almost complete satisfaction. I'll probably unload my pistol and put it away somewhere hard to get at.”

“That's okay. Relax, old buddy! Why on earth would I need to phone you later?”

“Danged if I can think of a reason.”


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