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Friday, December 22, 2006

I Think You Know What the Problem Is 

“Er, there's something funny going on at the space station, we're not sure what.”

“Well, no wonder. Did you get a load of those guys? I've been looking through their dossiers ever since we got wind of something funny, and they're all weird. And they have weird names, too—Dr. Cervicius, Brum, Stokbag—where did the Agency find these guys, anyway? Some carnival?”

“There have been some strange occurrences, so to speak. Bizarre, unofficial—doings. Unpredicted oubreaks of some sort of extravagant transactions.”

“Will you get to the point? What? What are they up to? Gambling? Drinking? Too much YouTube? What?”

“Well, let me play you this tape of their last transmission ... perhaps then ... you'll see ... ”

Rrrrrr *Hi, Honey* rrrrrrrrrrbllllll bzzzzzzz *help!* bvv *Omigod!* bvvvvvv.

“Oh, that. I see my work is cut out for me then. When's the next flight?”



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