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Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Noise 

I was wondering how you could make a little money on the side without actually doing too much work. Actually, “work” of any kind would be the thing to avoid. It struck me, as I was watching something on some screen somewhere: music for horror movie soundtracks! If you listen to them, there's hardly anything there. A few piano tinklings and some strings every so often. Sometimes it's just the same note played over and over again, with greater insistancy as the tension mounts.

But that's kind of dull. What you could do is make a recording of various noises calculated to enhance the whole effect. For example, why not the noise of several hundred mouths chewing moist loads of popcorn and Milk Duds? As the tension mounted, the chewing would abate as viewers anticipated the murder or other excitement. This relative quiet would in turn have a Pavlovian effect on the audience, who will have come to associate horror or whatever with a lull in mastication. I think that could work.



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