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Saturday, December 09, 2006


An amusing US movie on the French channel called “Maman, J'ai Raté l'Avion”. It was full of laughs for about five seconds. Something about some kid and some bumblin' crooks.

Watching the film, I began to reflect on the fact that the most celebrated child actors inevitably turn into creepy drunken mutants as they grow older. Why is that?

If I'm not mistaken, it is because normal children are not extraordinarily cute, at least not to people other than their parents or grandparents. But the ones who are singled out for their unearthly cuteness are probably changelings sent here from a distant planet in a form likely to appeal to their hosts. They are then expected to become famous and gain power over the viewing public, because the aliens have observed that we earthlings are glued to the screen and clearly take all our orders from it.

However! What they had not realised was that we expect our young to mature into sober, lugubrious adults, and these large, cute creatures end up being shunned. Ha-ha. Stupid aliens.


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