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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Book News 

I have, in a special directory on my computer, the résumés of remarkable people which I make a point of updating whenever I learn of some new achievement. I like to keep them current, it's something to do in the evenings. And chief among them of course is Jenna Bush. According to USNews.com:

You can soon add the title of author to first daughter Jenna Bush's résumé.

Done and done! I guess lots of people besides me have Jenna Bush's résumé uppermost in their minds. This is good news, because frankly Jenna's CV was a bit skimpy. Future employers are chiefly looking for education and work experience, but from these specifics they really want to determine what you have been doing with your life, as it were, and they will be puzzled by any gaps.

Now, our friend Jenna (judging by her résumé which I have before me) seems to have been idle for a few years. She needs to account for that time, otherwise future employers are going to think, oh, I don't know, that she's been staggering around from one drunken, coke-filled party to another. You don't want that. So this book is a good thing, if she completes it.

Nobody knows what the book is about, or whether she's written anything else worth reading, but ...

It ought to sell: She's represented by super lawyer-agent Robert Barnett, who squired her around publishing offices in the Big Apple earlier this month.

That's one of the most important factors in a library's purchasing decision: is there a super lawyer-agent involved? And if so, is he squiring the author around in the Big Apple? Did they attend soirées? Where did they have lunch, and with which fancy society dames? This will be the big test for Jenna Bush.



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