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Friday, January 26, 2007

More Questions 

There's a certain number of odd crimes lately. On CNN.com:

Skydiver death 'was passion crime'
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- Authorities have opened a murder investigation into the death of a skydiver, saying they believe someone tampered with her parachute in an apparent fight over a lover.
Els Van Doren, 37, fell 13,000 feet to her death last November after her parachute and emergency chute failed to open.

It is believed that a lovers' triangle—two women and the man they both liked (named “Marcel”, if you don't mind)—went on a jump, and one of the women had banjaxed her rival's parachute.

It's not so much the crime itself as the situation that's interesting. The great majority of murders are dull, but this is unusual. Imagine the scene as they got into the airplane:

“Gee, I know I said I wouldn't date Marcel, but we just ran into each other at the bar. You know. We were both feeling kind of lonely. It just happened. It's not like I've been phoning him or anything like that! Now can we just enjoy our skydiving and we'll talk about this later, please? Okay?”

“Sure, it's okay. I'm not angry or anything. Really. I don't care that much ... Oh, here, let me help you with your 'chute.”

So how well do you have to know someone before you would steal their boyfriend and go skydiving with them? Did these three do a lot of skydiving? Is that how they met? Or did the idea of a skydiving expedition come up in the aftermath of a huge breakup?

I think if you've had a big quarrel with your friends and they suggest a trip to Cape Blomidon or some remote, trackless desert to sort of “clear the air”, you should probably think twice.

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