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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Snow White and the Unpaid Dwarves 

One of my older relatives was always saying that Walt Disney and his company were a gang of thugs. They treated their workers very badly. Every time you watch “Snow White”, just remember that the animators who traced all those millions of pictures went blind and died penniless and drunk in some crappy motel.

Apparently, as described at DKos, they're also trying to sue a blogger called Spocko for pointing out that ...

KSFO is a Disney affiliate whose radio hosts broadcast violent rhetoric directed toward journalists, liberals, Democrats, Arabs and Muslims all over the SF Bay Area and to the world via the Internet. I commented about the content of these host's broadcasts on my blog and informed KSFO's advertisers about what they were supporting by letting them listen to the exact audio quotes from the hosts.

They're trying to say that his use of clips as prooof is an infringement of copyright, and they intend to wipe him out. That's interesting. If you're a radio show broadcasting some junk, presumably you want everyone to hear it, because that's also how you sell ad space. But then if someone records the death threats on your show to demonstrate what you're up to, all of a sudden it's a big intellectual property issue.

Here's another story about Disney ripping off Winnie the Pooh and then getting a journalist fired.

They also went completely insane over someone's creating an obscene parody of their “Mickey Mouse”, despite the obvious fact that “Mickey Mouse” is himself borderline obscene to begin with.

Michael Ledeen regards Disney as a kind of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Need one say more?



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