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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'll Have a Pennyweight of Blow Please 

When you read the news in Canada or the US you'll find they always give alternate metric and imperial measurments, but I think it's unnecessary. For example, on CNN.com, this report about the missing airliner in Indonesia has the helpful note: “Last year, an Adam Air Boeing 737 flew off course along the same route and was lost for several hours before it made an emergency landing at a small airstrip, hundreds of kilometers (miles) off course.” But everyone in the US knows about kliks. And don't most people buy their heroin and cocaine by the gram, no matter where they are?

Similarly, everyone in Canada measures approximate distances in miles—“a mile out of town”, “a couple miles down the road”, etc. A mile is about an eighteen minute walk, about as far as you can go without getting bored and impatient. When you start asking yourself, “Where the hell is this place, anyway?”, then you have walked one mile.



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