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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Home Improvement 

“To the task!!”

This morning I saw a bunch of disassembled scaffolding near my building. Up close it's much more heavy-duty than you might think: thick pipes, hasps, fasteners, etc. I was thinking what you could do is borrow some and take it home and put up a scaffold in your room. Then you get some filthy, heavy planks from the wasteland out back and install them on the crossbars. It'd be a great way to store all those rusty paint cans and rotten paintbrushes that are cluttering up the place. Or if you had enormous, dusty books, monstrous in-folio tomes too big for any bookcase, then this scaffold would be just the thing.

At any rate, when people came over and saw your scaffold, they would think you were getting something done. “He must be doing something—something very bold,” they would say to themselves. “He's a guy to watch, no question. He has vision and moxie.” And it would be kind of true, wouldn't it? You'd feel, “I've come this far, erected a scaffold. Now to work!! To the task!!”



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