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Monday, February 12, 2007


I thought I would try my hand at this photoblogging, but I don't have a camera, and even if I did, I've no way of coaxing the pictures out of the camera and into a weblog. It seems like magic.

However, someone took this picture of me relaxing after a busy day at the office. “One's too many and a hundred ain't enough!” (Days at the office, that is. I like telling people I'm a workaholic, just to impress them. I'm actually hardly doing much of anything when I'm there, to be honest.)

Here's a picture of what the top of my office building probably looks like from about 200 ft up. If you were in a hot-air balloon looking down on an overcast day, this is roughly what you'd see.

You'll notice they've put some fresh tar on the North side (that would be towards the right in the picture).

Microsoft Paint is pretty handy for this sort of thing, I find. Of course, as with all advanced computer applications you'll need a lot of technical know-how to get the best out of it. A merciless learning curve that will leave you exhausted, tearful, and grubby, but it's obviously worth it.



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