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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Book 

With a degree of relief everyone can go ahead and buy the new book about Sheila Watson, Always Someone to the the Something What Some the Kill the Doves. Okay, the correct title is, apparently: Always Someone to Kill the Doves. You have to wonder about people who have a knack for difficult wording like that. They usually teach English literature, I believe. Certainly it's one of those titles that sounds like the Eng. Lit. section of a book catalogue.

Watson is chiefly known for Double Hook, an interesting prose work about incest and murder. It is, of course, not a “novel”, in the conventional sense, but a large “turd”, very much in the conventional sense, floating in the English departments of Canadian universities.

This book has a lot of pictures in it. There are also forty pages of a diary Watson kept in the 1950's while living in Paris, practically a model of self-involved dullness. It must have been a huge challenge to live in Paris and yet maintain a perfect air of studied discontent and peevishness. There are a few passages where she runs the risk of almost talking about something interesting, but she usually redeems herself at the last moment with a good disappointment. Highly recommended.



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