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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Festering Abcess on TV 

Why I love the news: I'm watching Headline Prime, and somebody called Pat Brown, an expert, is being interviewed about the shooting at Virginia. Asked to work her FBI profiling magic, she starts waving her hands around and making with the expertise on the shooter, claiming that he's grown up watching violent video games. Then she says, roughly, “And how many people did he kill, twenty-one?” In fact it had been established hours ago that at least thiry were dead, so the expert has apparently not bothered to check the news, but more importantly, the shooter's identity is unknown, so she has evidently decided to supplement her ignorance of events by making stuff up about his hobbies as a child.

I honestly can't understand what they think they're doing here. It's garbage. If you don't know, just shut up. And stop taking all those drugs.



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