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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CNN Makes Own News 

No safe Iraq exit for U.S., experts warn

Who says?

With the debate heating up over the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq, CNN analysts and other observers warn of the potential consequences of leaving too soon: an international terror hub for al Qaeda, extreme sectarian violence and the potential for a larger regional conflict that draws in Saudi Arabia, Iran and others

Whoah, that's not news. “CNN analysts” aren't really representative of anything besides CNN, surely. It's as if they're saying “We can't find any real experts to say what we want, so here y'are, we're saying it ourselves. We have to do everything ourselves these days”.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it does look as if their task was to come up with some hard-hitting rebuttal of all those who think it's time to wind down the war in Iraq, and somehow they couldn't find anybody.



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