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Thursday, May 17, 2007


A comment at Pandagon on something almost too odd to talk about, fabulous law prof Ann Althouse's proposal that children should no longer be taught to read:

“You do have to admit it’s a novel idea for her endless quest in making everyone else as small-minded and stupid as she is.”

And some more comments at Alicublog.

I have to admit I can't think of anything to say. I imagine Professor Althouse's ass gets kind of worn out having to do all the talking for her, and this, I suppose, is possibly an argument in favour of acquiring good reading skills, since people who are comfortable reading books are less likely to be found talking out their asses, and, therefore, less likely to suffer from bolnyngs and fistula. But I haven't really researched that yet.

Update: Had another look at Ms Althusser's site. Must have misread something. Apologies, etc. I now realize that she's arguing that we should in fact abolish all schools. No idea how I could have missed that, as I did learn to read at some point with the aid of some old medical brochures. Anyway. Glad I got that sorted.

Update 2: Well, that's odd. A lawyer friend of mine who has been to Cairo and can both read and write has reviewed the Alehouse site and informs me that she is effectively calling for an end to all literature and writings which are not conducive to the Wisconsin Law School Way of Life, because everything else tends to be unfair and partisan. See, it pays to go to law school. I had no idea.



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