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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Just So-So Story 

According to this site, members of an orchestra were making their way home one night, after a gruelling session working out the kinks in some difficult piece, when they began to feel hungry. Seeing a small restaurant, they entered and said to the man at the counter: “We're terribly hungry, but we don't want just any old hamburger. We're tired of them. What we want—what we dream of—is some kind of new, better hamburger. Oh, if only we could describe exactly what we mean!!”

“I think I have an idea,” said the counter man, “A little something I've been playing around with, just haven't really had a chance to develop. Oh well. It's just a sketch, mind you.”

As if his hands were guided by an unseen force, he cut a regulation hamburger bun into three slices, and inserted not one but two hamburger patties into place. It was then garnished with a special and very delectable relish he had prepared. Wian handed the innovation to the players and anxiously awaited the decision.

“Wow,” they chorused. “This is it!” and it was. Other customers saw him preparing it and asked for one. They agreed with the musicians. Wian had made a better hamburger.

An incredibly inspiring story.

Even more remarkable, however, is the story of how the owner of “Big Boy” came to name his restaurant. You will hardly believe it. It seems that one day he saw a big boy, actually, an awfully fat boy, coming into this restaurant. And he thought to himself, “A big boy. That would be a good name for my restaurant: I'll call it ‘Big Boy’.” And soon it all worked out.

So the key to success is to let your imagination run wild. The only limit is you.



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